Highway 101 Sampler
$55.00 $70.00
*This Sampler will be shipped in a sampler Bag*                                                 Maduro Behike...


*This Sampler will be shipped in a sampler Bag*                                                

Maduro Behike 52x6.5 Med plus Nicaraguan 

Habano Box Press  52x6 Medium Nicaraguan  

Maduro Box Press 52x6 Med Nicaraguan 

Connecticut Toro 50x6 Med Plus Nicaraguan 

Maduro Corona 46x4.5 Med Plus to Full Nicaraguan 

*This Sampler will be shipped in a Sample Bag*


This collection is the body warmer collection don’t let that little one fool you, the Box press is perfect for the morning a fan favorite. This collection reminds me of my hot summers in NC down Highway 101.

Love of Quality

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Carolina Blue Skies

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